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About Us

Welcome to Justice for Society

The objective of Society of Justice

  1. To promote an inclusive legal system in order to ensure fair & meaningful justice to the marginalized & disadvantaged sector.
  2. To be the prime mover in strengthening respect, understanding, and practice of human rights as the essential cornerstone of peace, unity and nation building.
  3. As an independent national human rights institution committed to ensuring the primacy of all human rights to their protection, promotion, and fulfillment, on the basis of equality and non-discrimination, in particular for those who are marginalized and vulnerable.
  4. Build capacity for individuals and communities to advocate for their need and do all for social justice & empowerment.
  5. Train and build leaders.
  6. Educate and empower youth and community members to identify and rectify injustice.
  7. Deliver effective programs, resources, and support that help advance our mission.

To meet these goals, we work with youth, residents, local schools, districts and city officials to increase educational opportunities through innovative programs and sustainable practices.

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